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Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.  |  More than 40 Years of Experience

Preschool Program & School Age Program in Batesville, Arkansas

Prepare your developmentally disabled child for kindergarten and maximize educational opportunities through the preschool and school-age programs at The Community School, Inc., in Batesville, Arkansas. We help your child reach their full potential.

Proper Preparation

Provide a proper introduction to the classroom environment for your child with our preschool program. This program brings together children age's three to five and helps them prepare for a successful kindergarten experience. 

Reaching Important Goals

A key goal of our developmental disabilities school is to ensure all preschoolers are able to successfully transition to a public school. Our staff places a strong emphasis on teaching the skills they will need for a positive kindergarten experience and beyond.

Joy in Learning

The Community School, Inc. ensures a positive learning environment for your child with a curriculum that makes learning fun. Our program is designed to promote interest and joy in learning to encourage independent work by providing stimulating actives in all development and pre-academic activities.

Girl on Slide, Preschool Program, School Age Program in Batesville, AR

Providing Opportunities

Primary and secondary students receive the best possible array of educational opportunities through our school age program. Our classrooms maximize opportunities for students with disabilities by providing:

Technology and Adaptive Equipment One-on-One Instruction

Management of Medical Needs 

Enhancing through Technology

Our school age program provides both primary and secondary students with access to computer systems that enhance educational, communication, and pre-vocational training. The technology provided at The Community School, Inc. includes, augmentative communication devices, classroom adaptations, and modifications needed for learning. 

Community Based Learning

To ensure students are placed on a path to become capable citizens, our secondary students follow a community-based construction program allowing them to learn about and access the community in real life situations. This component prepares them to be productive and social adults.

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